This JSPWiki:WikiCategory is used to tag each page that should be published on the web site.

To avoid having the Publish link be visible in the published page, use a link with no name like this: [|Publish].

Actually any pages linked within the <div class="org-ifcx-wikipublish-pages"> will get published. So you can list pages here, including using things like the Query plugin, and they'll get published. Note the JSPWiki syntax to begin a <div> with a particular class name is a line starting with %% followed by the class name. A %% with no class name ends the <div>.

Pages to Publish:

If there are pages missing from the list (or if the referring pages part just says "nobody") then the index needs to be rebuilt. Delete /tmp/jim/IFCXWiki/refmgr.ser and restart JSPWiki. The path is configured by the jspwiki.workDir property in webapps/ifcx/WEB-INF/