Wikipedia:Adenine (programming_language) is the language of the MIT Haystack Semantic Desktop and is essentially a LISP for graphs.

It features a RDF data model, Pythonic syntax, and is implemented for the JVM. It compiles to Java bytecode, RDF, and (I think) Java source. Adding a JavaScript generator could make this a really useful language.

I have extricated it's implementation from Eclipse and packaged it with a JSR-223 engine adapter so that Wings can support it by default. The Adenine Tutorial converted to Wings is available from SVN.

While the initial implementation of the OOHTML evaluator may be based on Wings (which is implemented in Groovy), my intention is to use Adenine (unless I change my mind again and go back to SPARQL - combining Adenine and SPARQL could be the best thing).

The Adenine Tutorial(info) (Wings version converted to HTML) is also available here (the original is currently 404).