IFCX Wings & G4OO updated, plus we've got Scala!

The v0.6 release of IFCX Groovy For OpenOffice and Wings (version numbers bumped to align for the moment), demonstrated at CommunityOne and JavaOne last week, are available for download in the usual place.

A big THANK YOU to Brendan Humphreys and Peter Moore of Atlassian for the invitation and support to present Wings in a lightning talk at CommunityOne. I did have a nasty demo devil bite that prevented a live demonstration, so next time I'll have a Time Machine backup with me...

This release of Wings should be useful on at least an experimental level for the adventurous. The examples include plenty of Groovy of course, but also Ruby/JRuby, Python/Jython, and Haskell/Jaskell.

Apache Ivy integration enables JAR dependencies to be loaded dynamically and languages are pluggable via the JSR 223: Scripting for the Java Platform. JDK 1.5 is all that is required, although JDK 1.6 or 1.7 are fine of course.

G4OO v0.6 features Groovy 1.5.6 and Apache Ivy 2.0-SNAPSHOT bundled with the Ivy RoundUp Builder Resolver.

Using that pluggable language scheme, and thanks to a sprint at the Scala lift off last Saturday with the invaluable assistance of Lex Spoon and Toomas Romer, WE HAVE SCALA! You can download it from the usual place.